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Our customised ordering system provides coordination of procurement and inventory management to ensure products are ready for despatch.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We proudly offer a managed supply service tailored to your needs. Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service ensures components are delivered as required, improving warehouse operations efficiency, and keeping inventory costs to a minimum.

In addition, as a supplier of Kanban systems, we can look to improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations whilst keeping inventory costs to a minimum.



Pallett's of fasteners on racking within the Righton Fasteners warehouse.

Customer-Orientated Advanced Planning

From bulk stock holding to kitted products, we offer fixed-term contracts to maintain continuity of supply, whilst through accurate forecasting securing the price for the term of the contract. Our stock holding and call-off services ensure stock is always available whenever it is required. Through tailored planning, we offer stock holding of customer parts on customer codes for ease, and pre-pack orders to ensure just-in-time deliveries.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs, offering forward planning within our production schedule to build up pre-kitting stock for call-off requirements. This enables us to hold stock for a next day delivery service and helps maintain price stability, whilst giving peace of mind to customers during busy periods.

our services kanban system

Kanban Vendor Management

We are suppliers of bespoke Twin Bin Kanban systems for the OEM and end-user market. A Kanban is a storage unit that holds products in a set of twin containers. Once the top container is empty the slider is pulled, releasing stock from above which activates a flag notifying that stock is required.

The Twin Bin Kanban system is designed to improve warehouse efficiency whilst keeping inventory costs to a minimum.

There are many advantages to implementing the Twin Bin Kanban system

  • Kanban is easy to install and operate.
  • Kanban lowers overhead costs.
  • Kanban limits the build-up of excess stock.
  • Kanban increases efficiency.
  • Kanban improves process flow.
  • Kanban can reduce inventories by approximately 75%.
  • Kanban prevents stock-outs.
  • Kanban operates using a first-in-first-out stock rotation platform.

The Twin Bin Kanban system can be tailored specifically to your requirements. Containers and packaging can have display cards or labels that include all relevant logos, barcodes, part numbers, or quantities, for example. Appendices for stock and locations are also available, offering a quick and accurate reference and traceability of parts.

Available in two convenient size options: the first consists of 25 containers on either side, with the second holding 50 containers on either side. Both models are designed in a compact style, intended to minimise their floor space. The containers are available in 3 sizes including a single injection mould, a double injection mould, or a triple fabricated model.

The racking is available in two standard sizes:

H 1.9m × W 0.75m × D 0.6m25 containers on each side
H 1.9m × W 1.5m × D 0.6m50 containers on each side

The containers are available in three standard sizes

Injection Moulded SingleH 11″ × W 5.9″ × D 4.3″
Injection Moulded DoubleH 11″ × W 11.8″ × D 4.3″
Fabricated TripleH 11″ × W 17.7″ × D 4.3″

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