Rivets and Rivet Nuts

Countersunk Head Rivet Nuts


We can supply a wide range of countersunk head rivet nuts in various types, sizes and materials.

Countersunk Head Knurled Round Open Rivet Nut
Similar to flat head nuts, but where a flush surface finish is required. Used in a multitude of industries such as aerospace,automotive, rail, HVAC, white goods, electronics, DIY, and general engineering.

Countersunk Knurled Round Closed Rivet Nut
Similar to countersunk round open but used when a moisture or pressure-tight seal is required. Used in white goods, electrical enclosures, indoor and outdoor electronic signs, automotive, aerospace, rail, and HVAC.


Available in: Aluminium, Steel Zinc&Clr Tri8, A2 Stainless Steel and A4 Stainless Steel.

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