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We support a wide range of markets across the UK. They include but are not limited to the following:


We work alongside manufacturers in all segments of the transport industry, including automotive, rail, marine, and air.

Due to the nature of the fastener applications within the sector, we can supply all relevant certifications needed. Critical fasteners are sourced from reputable and approved manufacturers and are supplied with certification, typically a 3.1 to DIN-EN-10204. Customers can request a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) submission at the enquiry stage, which is an essential requirement for the supply of automotive components.

Industrial Pipework (1)

Industrial Pipework

Often used in the food and beverage industry, including breweries, water/sewage treatment plants, and dairy tanks, industrial pipework is subject to continuous use. The valves and connections found on industrial pipework are subjected to variable pressures; any fixing used must be able to withstand this harsh environment.

We have experience in supplying fasteners within the industrial pipework sector and can recommend the best type of fixing, material, and finish. For health and safety, as well as production reassurances, relevant certification can be supplied for the corresponding products, too.

For both health and safety and production reassurances, any critical fastener supplied for this application can be accompanied by any certification required.

Electronic laptop and phone on a desk setting.


The electronics industry is vast, covering white goods, computers, electronic signage, antennas, communications cabinets, and junction boxes, to name a few. Our stocked fasteners are often chosen to be used in the manufacture of such products. We have experience in supplying bulk and mixed kitted bags for this application.

Due to the nature of the industry, it is crucial to ensure that the correct fastener is used. We work closely with our customers and source the exact solution for the project. This includes options such as a specific coating, thread patching, or a specially machined product if required.

A wind turbine in a field.


Covering the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, the energy sector is huge and uses an extensive amount of fasteners in a multitude of applications, including valves and pipework.

Extreme levels of high pressures often require very bespoke fasteners within the industry. We work alongside our customers and provide them with non-standard fasteners produced to drawing, meeting their requirements.

Advanced product certification, typically a 3.1 to DIN-EN-10204 is provided, due to the nature of the application. Critical fasteners are only sourced from reputable and approved manufacturers.

addition, we frequently carry out destructive testing, as well as chemical and mechanical analysis of fasteners to ensure all products supplied are fit for purpose.

A decorative steel building framework.

Metal Architecture

Metal is frequently used in architectural applications and building design across the construction industry and uses a variety of standard and special fasteners.

Used in new build and retrofit projects, metal architecture is popular in hospitals, retail, education, hotels, car showrooms, and residential, to name a few. Often used for its strength and durability, metal can also provide an architecturally enhanced appearance.

We have experience in supplying fasteners for use in bressolles, canopies, window frames, balconies, partition walling, and aluminium extrusions, for internal and external use.

Whilst standard fasteners are often used, special fasteners are also requested, which are to a bespoke drawing. Often specified by an architect at the point of design, we can help source the exact fasteners required, and pack them according to our customer’s requirements.

A piece of yellow construction machinery on a building site.


The construction and agricultural machinery manufacturing industries have a huge demand for critical fasteners, supplied to the customer’s specifications. We can meet the needs of any fastener requirements, and supply all corresponding certifications, too.

Using a mix of standard and bespoke fasteners, large scale machinery manufacturers require fasteners to be supplied on time to ensure production continues. We work closely with our customers to establish a schedule that ensures the manufacturing plant receives stock when required, without having to hold unnecessary inventory.

A stainless steel coffee machine in a hospitality environment.


The ease of keeping stainless steel hygienically clean makes it an obvious choice to use within the hospitality sector. We supply stainless steel fasteners that are used in stainless steel kitchens, as well as the electrical goods (dishwashers and coffee machines, for example) which are often found within.

Similarly to hospitality, stainless steel is used extensively in the medical sector, with many associated items made from stainless steel, for the same hygienic reason. With low corrosion and a tolerance for harsh chemicals to kill bacteria, it is an obvious material choice.

Due to the nature of these environments, the fasteners supplied must be fit for purpose and meet the demanding needs; we can supply the exact fastener components required to meet these needs.

We supply bathroom fixing kits, used within public toilets in many settings including shopping centres, restaurants, café’s, hospitals, and supermarkets. Toilet roll holder packs, door hooks, and towel rails complete with fixings can all be supplied as kits, ready for assembly on-site.

We can also supply fasteners for use in swimming pools, hot tubs, and many other areas of hospitality.

Metal Hardware (1)

Metal Hardware

Fasteners and fixings, combined with other components, are used in endless metal construction applications. Benches, seats, guard rails, furniture, gates, railings, ladders, fencing, and signage name just a few.

Depending on the nature of the manufacturing process, we have worked alongside OEM customers to produce kits that contain all of the parts to manufacture the product in question. These have included latches, hinges and handles as well as the fixings required.


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